Pixel Technology is imaging technology when rotating object creates a light footprint in a space.
The most commonly are used Pixel Poi (spinning tool on a chain in each hand), or Pixel Staff (staff rotating around a dancer's body).

Pixel poi has been develop and used since 2006 as one of the first in the world.

In the beginning we cooperated with a research institute of Czech Technical University in Prague and with engineers in the field of electrical engineering.

In the beginning our poi had 5 pixels, 256 colors and weight 2kg.

Today is 64 pixel display technology so it handle to display even very detailed images and logos and the weight is 150g.
These modules we supply and lend to performing groups around the world, but mainly we use this top technology.

We program Pixel poi with an accuracy of 0.01s sync to the music.

How can I see the signs?
Each LED diode can light up in 16 million colors, flash or be off, depending on the program. If the module is moving and light, the human eye can not see it properly. With this imperfection we perceive images with some delay and display can be compared to the LED screen.

Pixel poi
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